Are you tired of itching, burning, cracking, unattractive feet?

Are you tired of using creams that do not work effectively?

Footlogix Medical has created a unique moisturizing mousse foot care with Dermal Infusion Technology that allows active ingredients to:

Footlogix Medical

Heals dry and cracked skin

Footlogix Medical

Add moisture with no greasy residue

Footlogix Medical

Increase skin elasticity

Client Testimonials.


Before I found Footlogix Medical I spent SO much money on soaks, lotions, creams, oils and pedicures for dry feet. I even went to a dermatologist, and he didn’t know what to do for it.

After my first use, my feet were so much better. After using the product for 3 days, ALL the dry, itchy skin is gone.

Thanks, Footlogix!

Hi, I recently got some Footlogix Medical while shopping in Walmart.

It is amazing after just a few days my feet are much better but… so are my hands!

I had a hard time with skin cracking on the palm of my hands and on some of my fingers, even to the point of it becoming an open wound, I tried everything nothing worked…until now.

I wish I had found this sooner. Thank you Footlogix

Anne Quigley

I am completely amazed how quickly it helped and the amount of relief I received. I am a Diabetic and my heels were so thick and cracked, and I thought they were hopeless.

Give this product a try and I think you will be as pleased as I am.

I purchased this product because I had cracked heels and nothing worked. I used the Footlogix Medical Mousse every day for 2 weeks and all my cracks are GONE!!!

I used the first bottle daily until finished and picked up one more for maintenance. Now I am only using the product 2-3 times a week.

This is the first time in my last 10 years that my heals don’t have cracks. LOVE this product. It works and it’s worth every penny. I highly recommend this product to all my friends.

I saw the TV ad and thought I would give it a shot.

I was so used to using Vaseline before but I am glad that I tried this product.

It moisturizes nicely while allowing my skin to breathe unlike other products. Definitely worth the price.